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What to do after a dementia diagnosis

What to do after a dementia diagnosis

Free guide to download – what to do after a dementia diagnosis helps you to understand clearly how to move on with life after this news…

There is no right or wrong reaction to a diagnosis of dementia. Your loved one is likely to experience a wide range of emotions.

This may vary from relief that there’s an explanation for what is happening to them to shock, fear, shame, despair, guilt, denial and anger. This will differ from one person to another. One individual may feel overwhelmed by their emotions; another face them calmly and as confirmation of what they already suspected. Still, others may undergo a crisis.
All these reactions are normal and part of the process of coming to terms with the situation and learning to cope. The diagnosis will also affect you, other family members, friends and any employer.

Free guide: What to do after a dementia diagnosis
Robin Dynes, an expert dementia author has written a guide on ‘What to do after a dementia diagnosis’. The guide includes:

– Immediately after diagnosis
– Learn about the condition
– Planning ahead
– Supporting your partner/parent/friend
– Dealing with your own emotions
– Tips to help improve communication
– Practical day-to-day tips
– Organisations and sources of useful information

We hope that you find this guide of help during this time Click here to download your FREE guide: What to do after a dementia diagnosis – https://www.carewatch.co.uk/media/10953234/carewatch-dementia-guide-what-to-do-after-a-dementia-diagnosis.pdf

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