Complex Care

We understand the challenges a long-term condition can pose to the quality of life and for the fear of being a burden to our loved ones, a nursing or residential home may seem like the only option.

It is our aim at Leymar to dissuade our clients from this notion and instead encourage, support and deliver a service that will help you continue to enjoy a high quality of life right in your own home.

We want to play our part in ensuring that despite what has been taken away from you in terms of ability, our Complex Care Plan ensures that your independence, dignity and freedom of choice remain in your control - and there is no better place than in your own home.

Care Planning

A detailed Care Plan specifying your every need, the support of our Healthcare Assistants and/ or Support Workers, the involvement of your family/guardians, and a regular review of the said plan will ensure that as a team, we continue to put your needs at the forefront of everything we do. A period of reviewing the Care Plan will be agreed before commencement of service.

Free Appointment Booking

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28th September 2022

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