Hospital To Home Care

When making that journey to a hospital for an operation or even as an in-patient, the thought of never returning to your home, with the level of your care imposing the option of a nursing or residential home may all seem very daunting.

That is why we believe that our Hospital to Home service can help you recuperate by aiding you to settle back in your familiar surroundings. as Moreover, we will liaise with all the key personnel e.g. GP, hospital Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers to make certain that our agreed level of service fully supports you through this period.

We are also very happy to offer you any help or advice that you may require to make your stay at home as smooth as possible.

Recover at home

Post-operative patients who prefer to recover back in their own homes

Return Home

In-patients who would like to return to their homes immediately upon discharge

Stay at Home

Individuals already at home after a period of time in hospital

Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker

By working with the hospital’s Discharge Team we will, on your behalf, certify that all the necessary equipment has been installed in your home prior to your return as well as carry out a full risk assessment that eliminates any hazards to your health and safety. We will also arrange for a member of our staff – be it a Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker depending on the level of care agreed – to be present during your transportation from the hospital to support you and ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

Free Appointment Booking

If you would like to send us a message or request further information please get in touch with us

28th September 2022

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