Holiday / Respite Care

At Leymar, we recognise the importance of taking a break, a rest and the need to enjoy life regardless of your level of care. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer our clients a holiday care package that enables them to enjoy the same high quality of care whilst away from home. We will provide you with a Healthcare Assistant or a Support Worker to be with you, whether you are travelling on your own, as a family or a friends’ getaway. 

With a professional Carer at hand for that peace of mind, you can all relax and get the most out of your break without compromising on your daily needs.
As with all our services, the Holiday care package is no different and will be tailored to your specific needs be it a part or all of your holiday break. Our experienced Holiday Care Team will ensure that all of your needs are attended to and your progress monitored on a regular basis by our 24-hour helpline desk.

We also recognise that some of our clients may wish to seek an in-flight care service to and from their holiday breaks. Should you wish to travel with one of our carers with you, you can count on our team to ensure you have a comfortable flight and a good start your break.
Whether you require complex care whilst away, personal care or just social companionship, our holiday care plan will cater for your needs and offer you the same quality as we do in your own home.

Respite Care

Caring for our loved ones can make it difficult for a Carer to have a holiday too. This may be due to the high level of care that our loved ones require or the anxiety of leaving them in the hands of “strangers”.

Our Carers will be there to help you

However, regardless of the job we do, we all need some time to ourselves to recharge our batteries and be in a better state of mind to make a difference. Therefore as you take a deserved break and our staff step into your shoes, you will have the assurance that the high quality of care accustomed to your loved ones will not be compromised. You will be actively involved in the induction of our staff members be it a healthcare Assistant or a Support Worker to ensure their full understanding of your loved one’s needs. This will give you the opportunity to meet with your potential Carers before commencement of our service.

In addition, by giving your all to those whom you love dearly may mean giving up on your hobbies, meeting up with friends or some quiet time to yourself. That is why our holiday package also covers short periods, for example an afternoon in the week or weekends, a day out shopping with friends or an evening out to watch a favourite movie
Rest assured that in your absence Leymar will uphold and maintain the high standards of care that you have set.

Whether the role of being a Carer is taken on by necessity or choice, all carers are special people who are to be admired for their selfless dedication to another’s well-being. The very nature of being a Carer demands that someone else’s needs are often put first and the job can be both physically and emotionally draining. Although often overlooked, Carers need to consider their health and support too.

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28th September 2022

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