Personal Care

There are times when simple things that you could do with ease become a strain due to illness or a change in physical condition. This can be a very difficult time but we believe that our discreet Personal Care Service will fully support you in your day-to-day living ensuring your independence, dignity, respect and freedom of choice are upheld throughout our service to you.

Our Carers will offer you the support that you need so that your life in your own home may continue as normal. It is very important to us that our clients decide the level of assistance to receive with every individual task as we believe in maintaining your independence whilst offering a helping hand.



Meals preparation

Bed Routine

Medication & Health

Household tasks

Our Carers will be there to help you

However, this particular Care Service knows no bounds. It is very much a bespoke service in which at Leymar, we aim to meet your every need. We therefore encourage all our clients to ask for what is important to them and in return we promise to adapt to your need through our dedicated Carers. In order to achieve this a member of our dedicated team will visit you in order to carry out a full assessment of your needs and circumstances.

Free Appointment Booking

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28th September 2022

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