Welcome to Leymar Healthcare

Welcome to Leymar Healthcare


Community Homecare Service

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– Sutton in Ashfield – Ravenshead – Annesley and surrounding areas.

We understand how important our community is to our well-being, more so to the vulnerable adults. We also understand how apprehensive the idea of having someone come to your house to look after you can be. Yet, due to a change in your condition, the care you need is important as it would enable you to still live at home within close friends and family.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference, like having someone prepare a meal for you, do your shopping or assist with medication while for others a little more is required. We have a highly trained yet friendly and caring team of Care Assistants with a very positive attitude towards care. What’s more, all our staff are local and we will guarantee you the same set of carers for each visit.

We have seen our clients benefit tremendously by working with our staff who are all from the Ashfield area. They really look forward to their visits as they have a lot to share about their treasured community.

Upon initial contact, a dedicated member of our Care At Home Team will support you right from your point of inquiry and throughout your homecare.

As the UK’s demand for care continues to grow, we strongly believe that home care quality shouldn’t be compromised as a result. As our client, you remain the most important part of our care design and we will never compromise on your Dignity, Respect, Integrity, Independence and Freedom of Choice. Leymar Healthcare will work with you, your family and other professionals involved to design a home care service package that fits in with your current routine.

We work with vulnerable adults including Young Adults, Adults with learning / physical disabilities, the Elderly, Dementia and End of Life Care.

All our Domiciliary Care services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Our Home Care and Support Plans are tailored to your specific needs encompassing the all-important 6 C’s:







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Home is where the heart is. For those of us who are no longer independent, the thought of leaving your home for a Care Home can be very daunting. That is why Leymar Healthcare is proud to offer 24 Hour Live In Care Service help you with your day to day living, empowering you to remain in your own home – where your heart truly belongs.

We talk with many concerned clients, their daughters and sons who are asking themselves– “Can my elderly parent live alone?” – usually following diagnoses of a health condition, an event such as a fall or accident at home and in cases where their elderly parent has been left alone following the loss of their significant other.

24 Hour Live In Care Service is often not the first option that springs to mind while in fact, it is better for their sense of wellbeing to stay at home in familiar surroundings.

24 Hour Live in Care is cheaper than a Care Home and is very personalised to ensure that all your wishes and requirements are met. Our Care Assistants are very flexible and will work around your specific needs. That is why we encourage our clients, as well as their families and friends to share with us as much about the client’s needs so we can support them to fulfil their wishes.

For those of us with more complex conditions, such as dementia or end of life care, we have highly trained Carers who will be matched and designated to you so that you can continue to lead a high quality of life in your own home. Our Service Management Team will visit you at your home for an assessment without obligation, where all this will be discussed to your satisfaction.

Please visit our 24-Hour Live-In Care page to learn more about our 24 Hour Live in Care Service

24 Hour Live-In Care Service

If you would like to send us a message or request further information please get in touch with us

The Many Benefits of Home Care Services

Home care is not as foreign a concept as many people think it to be. In many cultures and societies, caring for the sick, elderly or other indisposed members of the community has always been practiced. Doctors or healers would come to the patient’s home as opposed to today’s norm of patients visiting the hospital. Communally, people would take turns to visit the homes of those afflicted to render various services.

Today’s society is so fast paced that should someone fall sick or a home has a member with special needs, the first option (hard as it may be) is to place them in an institution to receive care. This in no way negates love or care from the family members. Rather it speaks more to the changes in roles, family dynamics and the pressure of living in today’s culture.

Why is home care the best option?

Since the scope of responsibilities in home care vary from simple tasks like helping the individual dress themselves to more complicated medical aspects like administering medicine, changing dressing or various forms of therapy, the more comfortable the patient is the better and faster the recovery.

Studies have shown that patients respond better to treatment when they are in familiar surroundings and around people who love and care for them even if they are accessing professional care from a community home care agency.

Home comfort

As predictable as it seems, this is the biggest reason why people opt for homecare services. Having familiar comforts close by helps patients psychologically as family and friends can visit, their favorite coffee mug is available and most importantly they have a sense of normality despite one’s circumstances.

Personalised care

The one on one care interactions that a home caregiver has with a patient form the crux of the treatment and recovery process. Community homecare services are geared towards focusing all the attention on meeting the specific needs of a patient.

However, these sessions are peppered with friendly banter as both get to know each other better and become more familiar. The services take into account the patient’s preferences as much as they ensure the medical aspect is well taken care of.

Family support

A hospital room is not a very family friendly place. Visits are restricted and the sterile surroundings are not endearing. Home care, on the other hand, is centered on the place a patient experiences the love and affection of family the most; the home. Family and friends visiting can raise the spirits of a patient and even in the instance of terminal illnesses, the patient feels more serene when around loved ones.

Professionalism with compassion

Having a caregiver come to the home of a patient to care for them doesn’t negate the need for professional conduct. Instances of misconduct are easier to detect in this kind of set up as are issues with the effectiveness of a prescribed course of treatment.

On many occasions, a patient’s poor reaction to treatment has gone unnoticed in a hospital set up because of the lack of individualized attention. Home care emphasizes accuracy and attention to a patient’s response to treatment and the recovery process.

In the world of medicine, pain, and suffering quickly become a way of life. These are aspects that medics have to get learn to live with as they strive to save lives. For a patient, however, the experience of an illness is extremely personal. That is why most do not want to be treated as just a number. They want to retain their dignity in the face of an undignified situation. Community home care services meet these needs and provide patients with a chance to live a full life regardless of how much time they may or may not have.