Published: May 20, 2019

Thousands with dementia missing out on council tax discount - Please Help Spread.. THE WORD!!

A huge number of people with 'mental impairments' such as learning disabilities, dementia and Parkinson’s are missing out on discounts on their council tax bills, due to a lack of awareness.

An investigation by revealed that many people with a ‘severe mental impairment’ have been eligible for a council tax discount for years. In England, Scotland and Wales, if you live on your own and have a severe mental impairment you don't have to pay council tax and you can claim back any that you have paid while you were living alone. If you live with an adult with severe mental impairment you are entitled to a 25 per cent council tax discount.

Martin Lewis, founder of, said: "Many of the most vulnerable within our society, those who are living with a ‘severe mental impairment’, have been eligible for a council tax discount for years, but sadly, across Britain they have rarely been about told it – meaning they’ve missed out on money that could’ve transformed their quality of life.

Most councils haven’t helped spread the word, and disgracefully have often hindered people claiming by giving out misinformation.

Wales is leading the way in righting this wrong and the Welsh Government has joined forces with the money consumer website and Welsh local authorities and produced a single, simple and easy-to-use form, which people with severe mental impairments can use to claim what they are entitled to. The form is now widely available in all local authorities and advice centres across Wales.

The same needs to happen for England Scotland and Northern Ireland! So please Spread the Word!!!!


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