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NHS to offer ‘pioneering’ drug to help thousands of multiple sclerosis sufferers

NHS England has reached a deal with drug manufacturer Roche to provide multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with a ‘landmark’ drug, which is said to be able to delay the need for a wheelchair by seven years. The drug Ocrelizumab (also known as ocrevus) is a revolutionary medicine for patients who have primary progressive multiple sclerosis

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Thousands with dementia missing out on council tax discount – Please Help Spread.. THE WORD!!

A huge number of people with ‘mental impairments’ such as learning disabilities, dementia and Parkinson’s are missing out on discounts on their council tax bills, due to a lack of awareness. An investigation by MoneySavingExpert.com revealed that many people with a ‘severe mental impairment’ have been eligible for a council tax discount for years. In

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Comedian chats to unsuspecting strangers to shine light on loneliness

Comic Andy Parsons spends a day striking up conversations with strangers to support the Campaign to End Loneliness charity and get everyone talking. People everywhere are being urged to unglue themselves from their mobile phones and simply talk to each other face to face to combat a growing loneliness problem. Andy Parsons who appears on

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Louis Tomlinson helps 83-year-old who lost wife to dementia complete bucket list

In Louis Tomlinson’s new video, the song has taken a back seat with the video instead focusing on 83-year-old Richard, who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s in the same month as the One Direction star lost his mum to leukemia. In the heart-warming video, the pop singer helps Richard to achieve a list of things

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First of its kind autism centre aims to dramatically cut diagnosis waiting time

The UK’s first independent purpose-built autism centre has opened, with the aim of dramatically reducing the waiting time for a diagnosis. Currently, the average waiting time to be assessed for autism is at least two years, and the children who are eventually diagnosed wait on average for four years. The £18m centre, set in the

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“Sea Hero Quest” – The Mobile phone game that can detect people most at risk of Alzheimer’s

Scientists have identified people who are more at risk of developing Alzheimer’s, based on how they play the mobile phone game ‘Sea Hero Quest’. Lead researcher Professor Michael Hornberger, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School, said: “We can detect people who are at genetic risk of Alzheimer’s based on how they play the game.” He said:

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Millions of people are fearful about care and regret not speaking out

New research by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) reveals millions of people across England have had concerns about care and regret not speaking out. Almost 7 million people, who are patients or family carers, have expressed concerns about care given in the last five years but have never complained. The majority (58 per cent) regret

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Weightlifting could reverse frailty in old age

Older people would benefit from weightlifting and increasing their protein intake to reverse frailty, new research suggests. Increases in life expectancy have led to rising numbers of frail older people, with one in 10 people suffering with infirmity, rising to half of those over the age of 80. Writing in the British Journal of General

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A café that only employs people with Down syndrome has opened in Headingley, Leeds.

Café 21, which is operated by the charity Sunshine and Smiles, gives 14 young adults aged 18-24 the opportunity to work in the kitchen and front of house – all of whom are paid the National Living Wage (NLW). It is hoped they will gain vital transferable skills to boost their future career prospects. Ailith

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