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Social Companionship

As family members grow, there comes a time when the emptiness of the house becomes really unbearable. The extra pair of hands that you had have now moved in with their families; something you too did many years ago.
As it is your treasure, we at Leymar aim to support you to continue to live independently in your own home and give members of your family a peace of mind especially where life’s commitments hinder them from making regular visits.

Our Carers are happy to sit with you and chat, keep you company as you watch your favourite TV programmes as well as take short walks in the neighbourhood. A smile, a joke or a spontaneous moment of kindness may be exactly what you need to brighten your day.
Our carers will continue to help in light housekeeping tasks; however, they will only do so upon your request as they are encouraged to respect and promote your independence.
Having trouble to remember your daily routine can also dent your confidence to live independently. That is why our Carers are at hand to remind you to feed the dog, send a birthday card to a loved one, bins collection days, to mention but a few.
In addition to the short walks in the neighbourhood, our Carers will be at hand to offer you support on your days out for example, a trip to the local park with the grandchildren or a day out shopping in a city of your choice.

As an organisation that is committed to your well-being, we will always encourage our clients to engage in local social activities as a way of filling the void left by the departure of their loved ones. It is also a good means of keeping in touch with the rest of the community and continue to make new friends
Our Carers will always be there to offer the reassurance, support and encouragement to our clients as regaining their independence in their own homes remains a key measure of our performance.